The GG Collection® is well known for setting the standard for authentic, beautiful and functional kitchen accessories. Both casual and elegant, it is characterized by warm hues, a mixture of mediums including glazed ceramics, handblown glass and hand-finished metal accents the create the "GG" look loved by so many. Ever-evolving and inspired from an appreciation of timeless old world European artistry, the GG Collection has grown beyond the kitchen to include bath, home décor, outdoor and tabletop. 

These high-end products make timeless wedding and anniversary gifts with pieces that can be intertwined to create a one-of-a-kind “GG look” to compliment today’s trends in home design.


 “The Acanthus Leaf, a motif of the decorative arts, distinguished from Antiquity as an identifying element of the classical Corinthian order with its ornate use on pillared capitals.


The GG Collection® has used the fleur de lis icon as a staple in several of our collections. This "Flower of the Lily" has been a trend-setting design/symbol for several years in the home decor market. You will find this symbol and design in several of our The GG Collection® products. The products set in this category have the Fleur De Lis symbol as its primary character and style.


Charmed by recollections of an Old French Bakery, the Antiquity Collection serving cart and pedestals conjure up memories of sweet confections shared with friends and family. The classic styling is handcrafted with wire brushed mango wood and metal accents.


The GG Collection® continues to be a trend setter, always seeking new resources. We are proud to present the Heritage Collection. All hand crafted, these pieces are made of carved mango wood tops with hand cut metal designs inlayed in place. The metal shapes are hammered and nailed to hold in place, and a food safe polyurethane coating is added for protection. The craftsmanship and artisan skills are featured on the flat surfaces, creating true works of art that can be used to entertain and add style to your home. The mango tree reaches its full maturity at 15-20 years when it loses its ability to bear fruit. With tight grain and natural food safe qualities, this wood is also soft enough to tool and shape, making it the perfect medium to inlay our metal designs and patterns.


Our Gold Leaf category is new to The GG Collection, and is made to compliment the beauty and casual elegance of our popular Acanthus Leaf and Heritage Collections, we have several product types available from serveware, to kitchen and bathroom accessories, to candleholders. All are simply unique and gorgeous; the perfect addition to any place setting or room accent.